These are some most Frequently Asked Questions which we hear from our customers.


Q. What does Craftokart.com do?
    We sale the imitation Jewelry and girls accessories as along with a unit of manufacturing Pooja mandirs (wooden Temples or Mantap) with different dimensions and serve various customization options to choose based on your desire. You have freedom to choose different sizes (width, length, and height), stain colors, storage options, temple layouts, and many more to make your temple  unique and special.

Q. Where are you located and how do we contact you?
     We are near Delhi in UP. You can reach us at whatsApp +919350927454 or craftokartcare@gmail.com

Q. Do you ship your pooja mandirs too?
    Yes, we ship our wooden Temple or Mantap all over world too.

Q. Do you keep pooja mandirs in stock too?
    In any given point, we try to keep a couple of Temple for display purposes. Since we take custom orders, build them in a few weeks, and deliver to the     clients. Once a Temple or wooden Mantap or Wooden Mandir is completed, we upload photos onto our website, www.craftokart.com and Social Media  Pages.

Q. How do I choose my Temple?
    Clients can select any model from our collection and customize based on their needs and wishes. They can also come up with their own design and we will     build for them so for the same kindly email us as craftokartcare@gmail.com.

Q. How do you help me choosing and customizing my Wooden Mandir?
    We spend a lot of time with your customers to fully understand what they want, and explain how they can choose and customize their mandirs and     provide expert’s suggestion in all aspects.

Q. What is the average time to build a wooden Pooja Mandir?
    Once an order is made for our custom wooden Pooja Mandirs, we take 2 to 3 weeks based on the size and upgrades selected.

Q. How do you price your pooja mandirs?
    All our Pooja mandir collections have base prices, and we offer many upgrades on top of our base models. The total price is calculated based on the base     price and selected upgrades, the upgrades applied on customized Temple mostly.

Q. What upgrades you offer?
    Here are the some of the upgrades we currently offer subject to the availability of material in market-

- Bells
- Drawers instead of Doors: You can choose to have a drawer(s) in the middle and door(s) in right and left.
- Pullout Trays: You can have just one pullover tray in the middle if that is sufficient.
- Full Back Covering with Wooden Sheet
- Semi Back Covering with Wooden Sheet, Trim , Bells, and Hanging Diyas
- Full back covering with a Wood Framed Mirror
- Designed Ceiling
- Temple Pillars/Poles: There are many designs from simple to more elegant
- LED Recessed Lights: Minimum 3
- Steps on Top of the Temple Base: To keep small idols.

Q. Do you ship your Mandirs from India?
    Yes, all our Temples are made in the UP near Delhi NCR.

Q. What kind of material you use, and where do you buy them from?
    We use premium material that last longer. We buy raw material from local and remote supplier.

Q. What kind of wood you use?
    We use stain grade Ply Board, Pine molding and trim. Columns/Poles come in variety of wood species that include Teak, sheesham, assam teak, Cheer,     Deodara wood etc.

Q. What are the different stain/color options you have for your pooja mandirs.
    We offer a wide range of stains. Here is the link to see different stain options. We have various color range (Amber, light Brown, Medium Brown, Dark     Brown, Cinnamon, vintages Cherry, Mahogany, Merlot, Ebony). The color sample will be uploaded very soon.

Q. What are the minimum and maximum dimensions of your pooja mandirs?
    Normally our Mandirs start from from 12 in.(W)X 6 in.(D)X 12 in.(H) and go up to 96 in.(L), 48 in.(W), 96 in.(H). Customers can select any size between these     min and     max dimensions and dimensions depends on design as well up to some extent.

Q. Do you sell wooden Mandir accessories?
    Yes, we do. We sell bells and hanging diyas and other decorative Items.

Q. How do I pick up my mandir?
    Based on your Mandir dimensions we want you to contact at WhatsApp no. +919350927454 or email us at Craftokartcare@gmail.com

Q. Can I dismantle my pooja mandir?
    Almost our Pooja Mandirs, can be dismantled into 3 segments. Bottom, Middle Columns, and top but not all because it depends on design and     requirement.

Q. Once I place an order for a pooja Mandir, do you share work in progress pictures at every logical step of the building process?
    Yes, we can share pics at every logical step on demand.

Q. Can I make changes to my puja mandap dimensions once the work is started?
    We can't accommodate changing dimensions once the work is started as it impacts the whole structure, but we will allow changes that don't fall under     structural changes.

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